Receive Notifications

To receive notifications

1. Go to form explorer.

2. Select the form you want to configure confirmation email, and wait for the workflow form to load.

3. Click the New or Create your 1st Workflow button.

4. Select triggers. A trigger is an event that sends an email to you or your team.

5. Define the condition.

Note: You can define one (1) or more conditions and send different sets of emails.

6. Add action. Select ‘Send Email’ as the action.

Note: You can send one (1) or more emails in an action.

7. Compose your email.

  • From – Select an item from the ‘From’ list.

  • To – Select email from the ‘To’ list.

  • Enter email subject

  • To include an entry in the email – Click on the ‘Form Data’ button.

  • To reference a field in the email – Click on the ‘Form Fields’ button and then select a field from the list.

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