Accept direct credit card payments from all major credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

To set up credit card payments

1. Go to form settings.
2. Click on Enable Payment button and then connect your Stripe account with your Captisa Form account.
3. Once your Stripe account is connected with your Captisa Forms account, go back to form builder.
4. Add Checkbox, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, or Money control to your form.
5. On the property tab, check ‘Billable.' You have the option to assign a price, allow the user to update order quantity, or set if the product is taxable.
6. Add Credit Card control into the form. You have the option to specify email, billing, and shipping information.
7. Add Order Summary control into the form. You have the option to set up additional fees, taxes, change labels, show order items, and subtotal.
8. That is it.
Here are example forms, or click this link to see it in action > Online Form Builder with Stripe Payment.